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Get one material sample linked to a material in Origin.

  • URL


  • Method:


  • URL Params

Param Type Required Description Domain of value
materialOriginId string Yes A material origin id A UUID data[].originId in MaterialsSearch
  • Sample URL


  • Request :

    The request has no body.

  • Response :

Field Type Presence Description Domain of value
status object Always The execution status A status object
status.state string Always The state of execution 'SUCCESS' or 'ERROR'
status.code string On error The general error code and message See Errors reference
status.messages[] array of string On error List of error causes A validation message or other causes
result object On success The execution result A result object
result.entityType string On success The type of entity this result is about 'MATERIAL_SAMPLE'
result.data object On success A material sample Material Sample object
result.data.originId string On success The material sample unique origin ID A UUID
result.data.externalId string On success The material sample unique ID in your system Any string
result.data.materialOriginId string On success The material unique origin ID A UUID
result.data.sampleUrl string On success The material sample url A valid public facing URL
connectRequest object Always The exact request sent that produced this response A MaterialSamplesGet request
  • Sample Response (Success):

    HTTP Code : 200

    "status": {
        "state": "SUCCESS"
    "result": {
        "entityType": "MATERIAL_SAMPLE",
        "data": {
            "originId": "88dada05-5d38-4b60-91b9-f1bf9d6bf5dd",
            "externalId": "ABC-001",
            "materialOriginId": "93bcbf18-51fb-11e8-8716-8c16451835eb",
            "sampleUrl": "https://material-sample.tld/xyz-modular"
    "connectRequest": {
        "materialOriginId": "93bcbf18-51fb-11e8-8716-8c16451835eb"
  • Sample Response (Error):

    HTTP Code : 400, 500

    "status": {
        "state": "ERROR",
        "code": "CE00001 - Connect request failed validation. Refer to provided messages for details.",
        "messages": [
            "Request requires one materialOriginId."
    "connectRequest": {

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